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Facial cosmetic consultation

Although many people are interested in exploring the possibilities of facial cosmetic treatments and surgery, they find the thought of actually talking to a specialist about their personal situation and desires quite daunting. It is quite normal to feel embarrassed about discussing cosmetic treatments; you are not alone.  However, most of the patients I see have very understandable concerns about either a facial feature, such as the shape of their nose, or the effects of passing time on their appearance. The way forward is to come and discuss these concerns. If they are realistic then we can talk about treatment possibilities.

Initial consultation:  The most important part of facial cosmetic treatment is the consultation. Firstly, it will help establish what your concerns are and what you hope to gain from treatment. Secondly, it allows discussion of your medical details and a full facial assessment to help plan treatment. Finally, it allows you to be fully informed about treatment possibilities.

If the proposed treatment is a non-surgical out-patient procedure, such as anti-wrinkle or tissue filler injections, then this can often be carried out immediately, if convenient.  If the proposed treatment involves facial cosmetic surgery, then photographs are usually obtained for medical records and detailed written information about the procedure supplied. You will be asked to carefully consider the proposed treatment, with time for reflection, if you wish to go ahead.

Further consultations:  If you wish to proceed with facial plastic surgery, a second consultation is essential to ensure that the treatment will meet your needs and to answer any remaining questions. Further visits may be required to verify that we have the correct treatment plan for you.  All consultations are covered by the initial consultation charge.

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