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Radiofrequency therapy

This is a minimally invasive, therapeutic procedure which deactivates nerves or small sensory nerves that supply joints or other structures, to allow pain relief for a period of time. There are two types of  radiofrequency therapy:

  • Thermal Denervation Radiofrequency involves radiofrequency energy to heat and deactivate the pain nerve.
  • Pulsed Radiofrequency 'resets' the function of overactive nerve membranes associated with Chronic Pain conditions.

The treatment is undertaken as a daycase procedure, under Xray control. Most patients elect to have  intravenous sedation.

A fine, insulted needle locates the target nerve which is then confirmed with nerve stimulation. The treatment usually follows a diagnostic nerve block to confirm short term benfit.

Examples of radiofrequency treatment include facet joint nerve denervation for chronic neck and lumbar spinal pain; sympathetic nerve denervation for ischaemic and autonomic limb dysfunction and pulsed radiofrequency therapy for peripheral and spinal neuropathic pain. 

Results can last from months to years.


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