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Post-Stroke Pain

Post-Stroke Pain or Central Pain Syndrome is persistent neuropathic (nerve) pain usually following a stroke, but also associated with brain trauma, Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson's Disease. This neurological condition is caused by malfunctioning of the central nervous system resulting in sensitization of the pain system.

The areas affected are related to the cause of the injury and may affect part or the whole of the body. Pain is typically constant and is often made worse by touch, movement, emotions, and temperature changes. Many patients find burning pain to be the most troublesome sensation, but pins and needles and extreme bursts of sharp pain are often reported. Individuals may have reduced sensitivity to touch in the areas affected by the pain.

Diagnosis is made with history, examination and investigations such as MRI scan.

Treatments are rarely able to eliminate the pain, but specialist medication in combination can reduce the level of pain. Psychological therapy may reduce stressful triggers.


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