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Patient education and self management

Patient education and self management of pain involves educating the patient about their specific condition, the causes and possible methods to reduce the level of pain. In addition to exercise, lifestyle changes with cessation of smoking and a healthy diet, reviewing work / leisure balance is usually beneficial. 

Such a facility may be provided by a Pain Management Programme (PMP). This is a psychologically-based rehabilitative treatment for people with chronic pain which remains unresolved by other treatments. It is usually delivered in a group setting by an interdisciplinary team of experienced health care professionals working closely with patients.

For the majority of people, attending a Pain Management Programme reduces the disability and distress caused by chronic pain by teaching physical, psychological and practical techniques to improve quality of life. It differs from other treatments provided in Pain Clinics in that pain relief is not the primary goal, although many patients report an improvements of level of pain following participation in a PMP.


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